In Lewis Carroll’s novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice meets the Cheshire Cat as she is contemplating which of two paths to take. When she asks the cat which path to follow, he replies, “That depends where you want to go. If you do not know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which path you take.”

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Just like Alice learned, there isn’t a defined pathway when it comes to unifying IT. First, you must figure out where you are coming from and where you want to go. This means you need to determine the next problem you’re trying to solve.

As you decide the next problem your organization is ready to take on, Ivanti wants to help you determine the solution that makes the most sense. This is where Ivanti’s Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) comes in.

Your Unified IT Map

In case you don’t know how our ELA works, it’s really quite simple. Ivanti has a lot of products, accumulated through product development in our long history and multiple acquisitions. We’ve sorted these products into five main pillars of expertise: Endpoint Security, Unified Endpoint Management, IT Asset Management, Service Management, and Identity Management.

The Unified IT ELA gives you access to all the products in these pillars on a subscription-based model. Gone are the times of siloed IT departments, split up by the IT problems they are trying to solve. With one straightforward IT solution, your team can come together and focus on innovation.

With the number of products included in the ELA, it can act as a roadmap as you plan the direction of your IT department. Maybe your service desk is working smoothly and now you’re ready to tackle Windows 10 migration. Perhaps you finally have a handle on what assets you have in your environment and you want to figure out how to make sure they are secure.

Imagine a world of making decisions about the direction of your IT department based off strategy and industry trends instead of budget. The ELA gives you the freedom to face the important issues without worrying if you have the budget and resources to pay for a new solution. If you’re an ELA customer, you already have access to over 20 industry-leading products to help solve the common problems faced by IT professionals.

In the constantly changing industry, it may feel like there are about a million paths your IT department can take. The ELA is your map to a stronger, more unified IT department. You can use it determine the future of your IT department and how to get there.

How Kingston University Used Ivanti’s ELA

Kingston University in London experienced this Unified IT journey firsthand. Kingston has about 20,000 people over four campuses in over 100 different buildings, which as you can imagine makes managing IT complex.

Kingston started their partnership with Ivanti Service Desk. With such a complex environment, they wanted to tackle automation and security as well. As they recognized the next steps they wanted to take as an IT organization, Ivanti’s ELA enabled them with industry-leading solutions such as Identity and Ivanti Patch.

Simon Harrison, Chief Information Officer for Kingston, had this to say about Kingston’s IT journey, “The opportunity came about about their Enterprise License Agreement, we immediately saw the value in this… We could take advantage of the breadth of the toolset so that we could build them into our IT estate over time.”

Between all of the product pillars that Kingston now takes advantage of, their IT department is about to stream software to computer labs throughout the university through Ivanti Automation, benefit from an easy-to-configure service desk through Ivanti Service Desk, and spend less time worrying about hackers through Ivanti Patch.

“With the Ivanti ELA, it’s enabling us to dip into technology that’s giving us access to various toolsets that enables us to do this,” Harrison said.

So as you stand at the fork in the road, looking forward at the many different paths you could take, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by the options. Unlike Alice, focus on where you want to go next and embark on that path with confidence. We hope to accompany you on your Unified IT journey.

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