The Ivanti Difference: Enterprise Strong (Pt. 3 of 3)

This series of enterprise-focused blogs has been created to raise your awareness of the things to look for to insure the core product selections you make can impact your ability to meet operational needs and expectations. Wrapping up this series, let us explore how Ivanti TE and Velocity is created


The Ivanti Difference: Enterprise Secure and Supportable Mission Critical Mobility and Modernization (Pt. 2 of 3)

In our first post of this series, we covered the things that make Ivanti Velocity enterprise-ready. This segment will continue on the enterprise mission critical theme in the areas of enterprise supportability and security. We will focus on standard network protocols, encryption, system reliability


How Warehouse Mobility Is Like Cybersecurity

I can almost hear the voice in your head as you read this. “How what is like cybersecurity?” Fear not. There are similarities between warehouse mobility and cybersecurity, and they are not only interesting, but relevantly illustrative. Really. But first, a bit of background. Warehouse mobility: not


ProMat 2017: Looking Ahead to Productivity

It’s impressive how fast the supply chain is evolving. Few events make this more evident than an every-other-year show like ProMat. Though the pursuit of productivity gains remains the same, the business demands on the supply chain are becoming more – in both number and intensity! Great conversation


Speaking to Faster Customer Deliveries

Whether they are consumers or other businesses down the supply chain, your customers want deliveries faster. Data presented by VDC Research in our recent webinar is evidence that faster delivery is among the leading pressures driving new investment in supply chain modernization. In fact, it is the t