Adobe Modelling Subscription Licensing 101

Here is a common question from enterprises: Now that Adobe has moved to a subscription model and appears to be cutting back on audits, I don’t have to worry about compliance for those products anymore, right? Well, not quite. Anyone who has been through the experience of audits of their perpetual li


Oracle License Management: Controlling the Complexity

Oracle license agreements and metrics are notoriously complex and always changing. As a result, business’ risks of noncompliance have been increasing over the years. When we looked at a number of global enterprise organizations, we found that the range of licenses across the infrastructure varied,


Managing the World's Largest Software Vendor – Microsoft

If you’ve written a memo, created a report, built a presentation deck, tracked statistics, or sent an email – then you are part of a club that has 1.2 billion members. That’s not a typo. It’s estimated that 1.2 billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office. It raises the question, has Microsoft iss


How to Manage IBM Licensing Like A Boss

Managing compliance with IBM licensing is a minefield and can easily lead to confusion and unplanned costs. The constant evolution of IBM license models is a challenge to all IT stakeholders. Staying one step ahead can be time-consuming, resource-heavy, and costly, especially when dealing with all