With the recent launch of the Ivanti Security Appliance (ISA) series, we have received many questions from our customers and partners asking for more details about ISA. Here is a collection of questions we’ve been hearing the most. 


What advantages are there to deploying ISA series appliances over PSA series appliances? 

Improved performance: The ISA Series appliances have been designed to maximize speed and show more than double the throughput performance of equivalent PSA series models in lab testing. 

Enhanced security:  The ISA series appliances feature an updated OS kernel and software enhancements to keep your deployment secure, including implementing the REACT Framework into the UI, as well as an on-board TPM chip for hardware ISA devices, which will enforce OS/Software integrity. 

New platform support: ISA-V Cloud appliances now support being deployed onto Google Cloud Platform. This is in addition to supporting both AWS and Azure cloud deployments as well. 

End user portal enhancements: The Ivanti Connect Secure user portal has been completely redesigned from the ground up with a new REACT Framework. This provides enhanced security and allows for a better end user experience thanks to new features like language localization based on browser preferences, contextual help menus and user customizability. 

Futureproofing: The ISA series appliances are the newest addition to the Ivanti Connect Secure platform and can be depended upon for years of service before needing replacement. 

Where can I find technical details about the ISA 8000?

In-depth technical details such as interfaces, dimensions, airflow, power requirements and rack mounting instructions can be located on the Ivanti Technical Publications page in the ISA 8000 Hardware Guide.

What is the ISA 8000 packaged shipping weight and dimensions?

ISA 8000 packaged for shipping weighs 24.2 lbs (11 kg) and measures (L/W/H) 24” x 26.5” x 8” (60.96cm x 67.31cm x 20.32cm).  

Where can I find technical details about the ISA 6000? 

In-depth technical details such as interfaces, dimensions, airflow, power requirements and rack mounting instructions can be located on the Ivanti Technical Publications page in the ISA 6000 Hardware Guide. 

What is the ISA 6000 packaged shipping weight and dimensions? 

ISA 6000 packaged for shipping weighs 15.2 lbs (6.9 kg) and measures (L/W/H) 23” x 17.5” x 8” (58.42cm x 44.45cm x 20.32cm). 

Do the batteries used in the ISA hardware appliances comply with the provisions of Packing Instructions 966 and 967 of Section II of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations? 

As is standard in consumer and server electronics, ISA series appliances have a single CR-2032 button/coin cell battery on the motherboard. The coin cell is electrically isolated and less than 3 grams in total battery weight. IATA exceptions are designed specifically to allow this type of battery to be processed without hazardous goods labeling, and there are no restrictions for air shipment of ISA hardware products.  

Can an admin scale their virtual ISA gateway up or down? 

Yes, since platform licenses are no longer required, an admin can easily scale an ISA-V appliance up or down as needed, e.g., if an admin has an ISA 4000-V and they find they will need to support more than 200 users, they can increase the VM resources to that of an ISA-6000-V. As long as user licensing supports the increased number of users, the ISA-V appliance will now operate as an ISA 6000-V without issue—no need to migrate or reinstall the appliance. 


What are the current license models available for the ISA series? 

ISA 6000 hardware appliance supports both perpetual and subscription licensing. ISA-V virtual appliances only support subscription licensing. 

The types of licensing modes ISA supports are: 

Concurrent Users mode: Number of concurrent users up to a subscribed limit. 

nSA Named User mode: Named licenses are stored centrally in nSA and licenses are automatically assigned as users access the environment, no matter what gateway they sign into. Named user licenses are based on the total number of users accessing the environment and each license is assigned to a user. 

What is nSA Named Users mode and what are its benefits? 

nSA Named Users mode is a new licensing mode included with a Unified Access License and includes a subscription to Neurons for Secure Access (nSA) and Neurons for Zero Trust Access (nZTA). 

With nSA named user mode, all licensing is centralized and automated inside of Neurons for Secure Access. This provides complete freedom to add, scale or delete gateways whenever and wherever they are needed, without ever having to worry about licensing.   

nSA named user mode works with both ISA and PSA series gateways, so existing customers can easily migrate their existing PSA deployments over to the Unified Access License model and take advantage of the benefits that come with nSA named user mode. 

What feature licenses are available for ISA? 

Advanced HTML5: A completely clientless solution for RDP, SSH, Telnet and VNC access that works in all HTML5 enabled browsers, without any software to install.  

In-Case-of-Emergency (ICE): Emergency burst licensing that can be enabled to provide extra capacity when you need it, then disabled and saved for when it is needed again. ICE licensing never expires and can be reused over and over until the remaining time on the license is exhausted. 

Enterprise licensing (ICS License server): The Ivanti Connect Secure License server centralizes user licensing in an ICS deployment, allowing an administrator to deploy ISA gateways as needed and attach those gateways to the ICS License server for user licensing.  

Can existing PCS CONSEC licenses be used on ISA Series Appliances? 

No, PCS CONSEC licenses can only be used on PSA series appliances. 

Is the PCS License server compatible with ISA? 

Yes, ISA Concurrent User licensing can be applied to a PCS License server running version 9.1R13.1 or above and leased to ISA gateways. ISA and PSA gateways can coexist alongside each other without issue in the same deployment in this configuration. 

Are member licenses required on ISA hardware with perpetual licensing to be managed by an ICS License Server? 

Yes, hardware ISA gateways with perpetual licensing will require a member license to enable the surrender and/or leasing of licenses with an ICS license server. 


Can an existing PSA series appliance be upgraded to an ISA Series Appliance? 

No, PSA series appliances are not compatible with ICS series operational software. 

Is it possible to migrate from PSA series to ISA series without losing configuration? 

Yes, there is a published migration guide available on Ivanti Technical Publications:  PSA Series to ISA Series 21.9R1 Migration Guide