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Patching Mistakes You Might Be Making

In the first quarter of 2017 alone, nearly 5,000 software and server vulnerabilities were reported. Many were found in software that state and local governments rely on for daily operations.  To avoid the kinds of cyber attacks that create headaches and headlines, government organizations need to up


Transforming the Patching Process

The Future of Automated Patching Organizations are also using automated patching to scan for missing patches, discover and patch virtual servers and systems that are not continuously connected to the enterprise network (e.g., laptops), ensure patching is consistently applied across the enterprise, v


Simplifying and Benefiting from App Migration

More than half (56%) of the warehousing professionals we surveyed plan to upgrade their existing fleet of mobile devices because these devices are nearing their end of life and/or the old age of their existing devices. In addition, the motivation to upgrade applications to a more visual and modern u


Q&A with the ITAM Experts

As digital business grows, the shortcomings of traditional ITAM are becoming more apparent – the boundaries between IT technologies and the business blur, new asset classes are appearing, and traditional ITAM taxonomies are no longer fit to fulfill their purposes. Ivanti’s ITAM experts, Patricia Ada


Quick Tips for Shipshape SAM

Feel like you’re going overboard on license agreements? Well you’re not alone—most businesses only utilize 36 percent of the software they pay for. You read that right. 36! If I’m doing my math correctly, businesses are paying for—but not utilizing—64 percent of their software. That’s a lot of money