Product Newsletter Blog for October 2017

Product updates and releases covered in this blog:

IT Asset Management

  • Ivanti License Optimizer

Operational Security

  • Ivanti Application Control
  • Ivanti Device Control

Service Management

  • Ivanti Automation
  • Ivanti Identity Director
  • Ivanti Service Desk
  • Ivanti Service Manager

Unified Endpoint & User Workspace Management

  • Ivanti DSM
  • Ivanti Endpoint Manager
  • Ivanti Environment Manager
  • Ivanti LANrev
  • Ivanti Management Center


Ivanti Announces License Optimizer for Clients/Servers 2017.3

Ivanti License Optimizer for Clients and Servers 2017.3 delivers an enhanced UI experience which includes benefits to:

License Optimizer for Clients

  • Simplify cluster and user management
  • Increase software library accessibility
  • Expand license record visibility

Data Center Discovery (Bundled in License Optimizer for Servers)

  • Enhance SNMP Reports
  • Elevate diagnostic activity
  • Improve searching and rest API functionality
  • Increase product stability (AKA bug extermination)

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Don’t Wait Until 2020 to Get Ahead of Your Windows 10 Migration

Windows 10 presents IT with a vast array of new challenges, and delivering a seamless migration is daunting. Additionally, Microsoft’s new release cadence, with frequent large updates, will force IT into a constant state of migration and endless rounds of critical decisions, overtaxing IT resources and IT teams’ ability to keep up.

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