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Highlights from the #MySuperPower Women in Tech Campaign

Last week I spent three days at my desk with a massive smile plastered across my face. I couldn’t stop exclaiming with excitement and pure joy. Seriously, ask my cubicle mate. Every 10 minutes, I’d say, “Cuuuuute!” or, “OMG LOVE HER,” or just a simple, “Awh!” I even threw out an occasional, “YASSS Q


#MySuperPower – Own Your Strengths

Being a woman in technology can be a lot of things – exciting, a learning opportunity, difficult, empowering, discouraging. Chances are, you’ve probably felt a myriad of conflicting emotions in your career as a woman in technology. With the challenges of being a women in tech, it can be easy to feel


The Benefits of Encouraging Employees to Work Abroad

Ivanti currently has 39 offices across the globe, ranging from Singapore to Paris to Seattle. Although headquarters is based in the Silicon Slopes of Salt Lake City, Utah, the majority of Ivanti employees work internationally. Having such a spread-out company allows Ivanti to focus on solving chall


Swipe Right on Ivy, Ivanti’s New Chatbot

Watch out world, there is a new single chatbot that’s tearing up the town. Meet Ivy, Ivanti’s new website chatbot. She likes piña coladas, helping you navigate the Ivanti website, and getting caught in the rain. I sat down with Ivy to get to know her better. Find out what makes this fiery chatbot ti


The Making of Patch Tuesday

You’ve seen the blog posts, you’ve tuned into the webinar, you’ve been part of the flurry of activity on the magical second Tuesday of every month that the tech world deems as Patch Tuesday. But how did we get here? Why is Ivanti’s Patch Tuesday blog and webinar series a big deal? A Brief History L