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Who Inspires You?

To celebrate Galentine’s Day this week, @TheTechieGirls put together a social media campaign where we asked both men and women, “Who are the women who inspire you?” We got a massive variety of responses, from personal connections to colleagues to celebrities and public figures. Here are some of our


Galentine’s Day: Celebrating Ivanti Women in Tech

In the past few years, the lesser known sister to Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day, has grown in popularity. Galentine’s Day is observed on February 13th as a chance to celebrate the wonderful female friendships in our lives. The concept of women supporting women is a major component of the Women i


Road to Interchange: Chris Goettl

For our second installment of the Road to Interchange series (see the first one here), we interviewed Ivanti security guru, Chris Goettl. Chris is the Director of Product Management for Security at Ivanti and is famous for his monthly Patch Tuesday analysis webinars. He is also the owner of the Secu


Road to Interchange: Karen Zunkowski

Interchange Madrid is less than 90 days away, followed shortly by Interchange Nashville. So to celebrate, we’re kicking off a brand new podcast and blog series: “The Road to Interchange.” The goal of the series is to pull back the curtain on Interchange and give you a sneak peek into the inner work


Wins for Women in 2018

I have mixed feelings about being a woman in 2018. There were times that I felt pretty downtrodden, like no matter how hard women work, they always seem to draw the short straw. Even though there have been some tough moments this year, there were some pretty incredible ones as well. So, to celebrate


Frequently Asked Questions About Ivanti’s ELA

Ivanti’s Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA) launched in January in an effort to Unify IT. See also: The Ivanti ELA: A Map for Your Unified IT Journey Since then, it’s been incredibly popular. We’ve also received a ton of questions about it, so earlier this month, Ivanti CMO Steve Morton and VP o