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July Patch Tuesday 2018

Microsoft has released 14 updates today, resolving 55 distinct vulnerabilities including three publicly disclosed vulnerabilities. Microsoft also updated ADV180002 and ADV180012 regarding Meltdown and Spectre variants. ADV180002 looks like it just received some housekeeping so for variants 1 (CVE-20


June Patch Tuesday 2018

Most of the excitement may already have passed with Adobe’s Flash Player release on June 7th. The discovery of a Zero Day vulnerability (CVE-2018-5002) being exploited in the wild resulted in a Flash Player update (APSB18-19) which included the fix for the exploited vulnerability and three others.


May Patch Tuesday 2018

Microsoft has released their Patch Tuesday update and it includes quite the lineup this month. 66 unique CVEs are being resolved this month. This includes two zero-day vulnerabilities and two public disclosures. The updates this month affect Microsoft Windows, Internet Explorer, Edge, Office, .Net F


April Patch Tuesday 2018

Microsoft has released updates today including 65 vulnerability fixes. While there are no Zero Day exploits in the April patch release, there were a couple of Zero Days identified between March and April Patch Tuesdays, which we will mention in a moment.  There is one public disclosure this month in


Ivanti at RSA Conference: Worry Less, Relax More With an Effective Security Strategy

Nobody on their deathbed has ever said, "I wish I had spent more time at the office." The same can be said in regards to security. "I wish I spent more time responding to security breaches," is a sentence not likely to be said by anyone, unless the person works for a security firm contracted to resp


March Patch Tuesday 2018

Microsoft has released 14 updates this month including updates for all supported Windows Operating Systems, versions of IE, Office, SharePoint, and Exchange server.  There are also ASP.NET Core, Chakra Core, and PowerShell Core updates. These do not have a patch package to update, but new binaries a